4 Teams With The Best Odds To Reach The NCAA Final Four 2022

There are few things more exhilarating than college basketball. Getting the opportunity to watch up and coming talent live and in action is pretty amazing in itself. It’s also a lot of fun to bet on it if you check out things like FanDuel’s College Basketball betting odds beforehand. 

What we’re interested in right now, however, is predicting how things will go for the rest of the season. Which determined teams would make their way to the NCAA Final Four in 2022? Who will be victorious? Well, we have some pretty good ideas. Read on for our predictions! 


After their impeccable performance in the previous season, is it any wonder that a lot of people are betting on the Zags to win the next one? Gonzaga finished as runners-up in 2021 and we fully expect to see them right back in the mix this time around.

Though they have not gone undefeated in the current season, the previous season performance from the Gonzaga Bulldog was certainly nothing to sniff at. Unfortunately they did lose two key players in their roster – Jalen Suggs and Corey Kispert, as they went to join the NBA. 

They have since recruited more fantastic talent though – we should give a big shout out in particular to the guard Andrew Nembhard and their newest forward, Drew Timme. This is a pair of players that you do not want to mess with, and they’ve certainly shown their worth so far. 

The Gonzaga Bulldogs are favored to win by pretty much every betting site out there. The question is, will these predictions be correct? Time will tell all, but we certainly think that they have a great chance of taking home the championship title.  


In terms of the preseason rankings, UCLA has consistently sat towards the top of them. This is not a surprise – much like the Gonzaga Bulldogs, this is yet another team that we fully expect to make it far in the Big Dance. 

There are a range of different reasons why we think UCLA will do well. Firstly, they have an impressive junior shooting guard in the form of Johnny Juzang. The team is great even without Juzang, but they are a force to be reckoned with when he’s playing. =

Likewise it’s highly probable that UCLA will further bring their A game to the upcoming matches, so other teams will have to work pretty hard to match their level of gameplay. If you were thinking of betting on UCLA to enter the top 4, there’s a good chance that you would be right!


The Purdue Boilermakers ended on a downer in the 2021 NCAA Tournament, but despite this, we still believe they have a solid chance of making it to the Final Four this year. Likewise, the team itself is confident in its abilities to be picking up that championship trophy in April.

This team has undeniable talent, despite having a tough time in the previous season. Their starting lineup is an impressive one, featuring players that are only likely to get better in their performance as the years go on and they hopefully get drafted for bigger and better things. 

There are some challenges that may face the team along the way, but we aren’t the only ones that think the Boilers have a good shot in the Tournament this year. Only time will tell if we’re correct. 


Duke may not be our top pick for winning the 2022 NCAA Tournament, but they certainly have a good shot if they bring their all to the table. The Duke Blue Devils have been favored to win for the past few years now by numerous sports betting organizations, but as of yet, they have yet to live up to those expectations.

We would certainly like to think that this season will be a showstopper for the team, since it’s the coach’s final season with the beloved team.

We may not be tempted to put all of our money behind this team based on previous performances, but they have just as good a shot as any of the other teams listed here today.

In Summary

There are some pretty incredible teams listed here, all with great potential to get into the Final Four this season. We’re certainly excited to sit on the edges of our seats to see if our predictions are right. It’s sure to be an exhilarating March!