Blazers Claw Their Way Out of Late Deficit to Defeat Grizzlies in OT

In an energizing clash of wills and skill, the Portland Trail Blazers demonstrated the true spirit of resilience and teamwork. On a crisp November 4th evening, the home team faced a formidable challenge from the Memphis Grizzlies. Despite trailing by a daunting 10-point deficit as the clock wound down in regulation time, the Trail Blazers found the inner strength to stage a remarkable comeback.

With an exceptional contribution from Jerami Grant, who netted 26 points and secured eight rebounds, the Blazers triumphed 115-113 in a thrilling overtime victory. This game was a testament to the Blazers’ grit, determination, and unyielding belief in overcoming obstacles.

Key Contributors to Blazers’ Victory

Malcolm Brogdon delivered an inspiring performance, contributing 24 points, 10 assists, seven rebounds, and three steals. Shaedon Sharpe also proved instrumental in the Blazers’ victory, adding 22 points to the scoreboard. In a memorable highlight, Sharpe scored a critical 3-pointer with only 1:17 left in the extra session, nudging the Blazers ahead at 109-106.

Furthermore, Deandre Ayton’s 16 points, 12 rebounds, and three steals were crucial in maintaining the Blazers’ momentum. It was truly a collective effort that led to this hard-fought victory.

A Tale of Two Halves

Early on, the Grizzlies looked poised to run away with the victory. Led by a strong performance from Desmond Bane, who notched 33 points, eight rebounds, seven assists, four steals, and three blocked shots, Memphis dictated the game’s pace. They shot with an impressive 49% accuracy but faltered in their 3-point attempts, only converting 10 of 35. The Grizzlies entered the final quarter with a narrow lead of 77-76.

However, the Trail Blazers flipped the script in the second half. With determination and steely resolve, they clawed their way back from a 10-point deficit in the final minutes of regulation time. An 8-point contribution from Brogdon, part of a 12-2 run, forced the game into overtime. A critical moment occurred when Sharpe netted two free throws with 8.3 seconds left, equalizing the score and setting the stage for the overtime showdown. Despite their overall shooting percentage being lower at 40.6%, the Blazers’ clutch performance in the final minutes proved decisive.

Grizzlies’ Performance Analysis

Despite their defeat, the Grizzlies showcased commendable performances across the board. Desmond Bane emerged as the standout player of the night with a whopping 33 points, accompanied by eight rebounds, seven assists, four steals, and three blocked shots. Jaren Jackson Jr. also delivered a noteworthy performance, contributing 30 points, 10 rebounds, and three blocked shots. These performances, along with David Roddy’s 16 points and Ziaire Williams’ 13, kept the Grizzlies competitive throughout the contest.

However, the team’s inefficient shooting behind the arc proved a major drawback. Despite shooting at 49% accuracy, their 3-point attempts told a different story. The Grizzlies could only convert 10 out of 35 attempts from the 3-point line, a mere 28.6% accuracy. This lack of efficiency was a significant factor in their inability to secure the lead in the late stages of the game.


The Trail Blazers’ electrifying overtime victory over the Grizzlies was a stellar display of resilience and team cohesion. Despite the Portland Trail Blazers odds and a challenging early deficit, the Blazers’ unyielding determination drove them to a triumphant finish. This win certainly bodes well for their upcoming matches, and if this game is any indication, it’s wise not to underestimate the Blazers, regardless of the scoreline.

The Grizzlies, despite the setback, demonstrated strong performances, particularly from Bane and Jackson Jr. The team will undoubtedly look to improve their 3-point conversion rate in future NBA games. All eyes are now on the next match, with fans on both sides eagerly anticipating another thrilling showdown.