College Football Teams with the Most National Championships

When it comes to college football, there are a few teams that stand out above the rest in winning national championships. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the colleges with the most national championships in NCAA Division I history.

Whether you’re a fan of one of these powerhouse programs or simply a casual observer of the sport, this should be an interesting read.

1. Yale

With a prestigious history spanning centuries, it comes as no surprise that Yale University has long been a leader among American universities. Their dedication to excellence in all areas of their academic and athletic pursuits is demonstrated through their impressive roster of national championships in NCAA Divisions. Eighteen national championships hold the top prize for Yale,  thanks to the skill and dedication of student-athletes from different eras. With such an impressive show of strength, there’s no doubt that Yale remains one of the most successful universities in America today.

2. Alabama

The University of Alabama is an institution with a winning legacy that shines through as the second-best college sports program in the US. With 16 national championships under its belt, it is no wonder why such a successful institution has produced so many talented athletes over the years. This university values determination and hard work; they have consistently been pushing the boundaries of excellence in order to provide students with opportunities to excel and grow. Aspiring students should take into consideration this golden record and know that attending this school means growth and excellence are on the horizon.

3. Princeton

Striving for excellence is a cornerstone of any university, and Princeton University is no exception. Already renowned for its academic achievements, the Ivy League school has made its mark on the national football scene by winning 15 NCAA Division championships to place third overall in the all-time standings.

With highly-skilled rivals like Notre Dame and Ohio State University, their success deserves nothing but respect and admiration.

4. Notre Dame

With 13 National Championships in NCAA Division, the University of Notre Dame stands as a powerful symbol of athletic excellence. As only three schools surpass their record of championship wins, it’s clear Notre Dame is a leading force. College football fans everywhere recognize their legacy, which is why they’ve seen such passionate support since around the time of the first national championship win in 1919.

Despite many changes to the landscape of collegiate athletics over time, Notre Dame’s commitment to triumph and success has remained consistent, inspiring people to strive for greatness and prove that anything is possible.

5. Michigan

Michigan is considered one of the most successful teams within this illustrious group. Boasting an impressive nine national championships during its history, Michigan firmly cements its status as one of the leading college teams in America. The team’s approach to football has also been recognized by many and has awarded them a unique legacy of sportsmanship.


The five universities mentioned above have set the standard for college sports across the US. Their commitment to success and excellence is something that all aspiring student-athletes should strive for, no matter what their chosen sport may be.

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