Do NBA Basketball Players Love Gambling?

Many people love gambling, regardless of gender, race, age, or religious beliefs. The fact is that card games, roulette, slots, or video poker are ideal time killers. Such games bring a lot of pleasure and the opportunity to abstract from the daily routine. Even NBA stars love gambling as it allows them to abstract themselves from the daily hustle and bustle of complex games. Here are athletes who are known for their passion for casinos and the gambling industry.

Michael Jordan

Millions worldwide know Michael Jordan as an outstanding athlete with six NBA championships and Finals MVP awards. This guy has raised the bar very high, and few basketball players have been able to reach his heights. Even though Michael ended his sports career, he still needs bright emotions and victories. That is why he often visits land-based casinos.

Michael Jordan’s favorite game is poker. He often visits the best clubs in Las Vegas to play with his friends. He also loves slots like Book of Dead online as they are the perfect source of relaxation and positive emotions. As a rule, Jordan visits land-based casinos but sometimes plays online, especially when it comes to exclusive slots.

J. R. Smith

J. R. Smith is one of the few athletes who is not shy about discussing his hobbies. This guy frequents land-based casinos while carrying a suitcase full of cash. Such an extravagant habit once played a cruel joke on him. Someone stole fifteen thousand dollars from him while walking to the casino. Fortunately, such a loss did not become fatal for him, given that this guy is often lucky. Since 215, J. R. Smith has been playing online casinos more often as this gambling gives people more freedom and a wider selection of games.

By the way, Smith is known for never activating bonuses, cashback, free spins, or other options. Instead, he prefers to use a net deposit without any restrictions. In addition, J. R. Smith is a high roller who is not used to the minimum stakes. That is why he does not need additional options to follow the original strategy.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is known worldwide as one of the best players on the NBA circuit. In addition, this guy is a passionate gambler and loves roulette. He also loves poker and slots and loves to play baccarat with crypto. Even though Fortune often turned away from him in the casino, Barkley continues to play in land-based casinos and gets excited from every gambling session. However, he also claims that he loves online slots and often stays at home, so no one bothers him to test bonus games.

Antoine Walker

Antoine Walker is a phenomenal athlete who has won many trophies and is considered a true NBA star. However, his passion for gambling is known to millions of people around the world. This guy loves poker, roulette, and blackjack. Since 2002, he has been frequenting land-based casinos and spending much money on gambling entertainment. In general, his hobby does not always bring him money, but Antoine claims that his life would be in vain without poker and roulette.

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas is known in the USA and far beyond its borders. This athlete has built an impressive career and received a lot of achievements that many beginners only dream of. But, at the same time, Isaiah Thomas a gambling fan. In particular, he loves craps and often visits Las Vegas to escape the daily routine.

This guy also loves poker and online slots because they give you unique emotions and a ton of adrenaline. Once, he bet a friend for ten dollars that he would win at roulette on the first try, and he was lucky. Despite a small win, Isaiah Thomas was pleased with the pleasant moment and the opportunity to prove his gambling talent.

Why Did All These Athletes Decide to Join the Gambling Culture?

Gambling gives total euphoria and a feeling of total pleasure. The fact is that athletes spend a lot of energy during matches, and they need a way to abstract from athletic stress. That is why so many basketball players decide to play in the casino. In addition, their goal is not to win millions of dollars but to enjoy the pleasant company. By the way, many athletes successfully play poker and craps, so they could become professional gamblers if they wanted to. But their passion is sports, so gambling remains just a hobby.

Final Words

As you can see, many basketball players love gambling. They often visit land-based casinos or connect to websites to remain incognito. Poker, roulette, or video slots are their passion as they have access to an endless stream of positive emotions. All the athletes mentioned above are involved in the gambling industry in one way or another. Games allow them to receive positive emotions even after the end of their careers.