Do NBA Basketball Players Love Gambling?

Gambling is entertainment that has no boundaries. People of any profession, nationality, or religion can play online slots or visit land-based casinos. That is why even NBA players love gambling. Visiting a casino allows you to relax, get pleasant emotions, and abstract from the daily routine. So here are the NBA players who like gambling.

Michael Jordan

Even people from countries where basketball is not popular have heard of Michael Jordan. This guy has built an incredible NBA career and achieved many sports records. However, now he is engaged in business, charity, and other social activities. One of his hobbies is gambling. In one of his interviews, he claimed that he visits land-based casinos several times a month to relax and have a good time.

By the way, Michael Jordan also loves online gambling and sometimes tests new games. Most of all, he likes big bass bonanza slot and fruit games. However, Jordan is open to new things and does not mind testing other games. In any case, he considers online gambling to be the future of the casino industry.

J. R. Smith

J. R. Smith is a guy who never stopped and always went ahead no matter what. This athlete had a great career in the NBA and decided that gambling would become his new passion. In particular, he often visits poker tournaments and land-based casinos to enjoy gambling. Fortune does not always smile at him, but often he wins.

Sometimes Smith also plays in online casinos to avoid wasting time and relaxing comfortably at home. He likes to test dozens of games weekly to pick the best slots. You can also check, especially if you don’t know which game suits you best.

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley is one of the most passionate gamblers ever to popularize casinos among NBA athletes. This guy has won big sums in land-based casinos many times. At the same time, his passion led him to lose, but he never gave up. Barkley always likes to walk on a knife edge and make risky decisions. However, this is his style, which was founded during his NBA career.

Once Charles Barkley even admitted that he could spend a million a day to join the card table. Now he prefers online gambling and uses logical strategies to win, which helps him make money on a new hobby. He also advocates responsible gambling and total self-control when it comes to money.

Antoine Walker

Antoine Walker is as passionate a gambler as his friend, Michael Jordan. That is why Antoine often visits casinos in Las Vegas. He often admits in interviews that he loves the atmosphere of hedonism, fun, and euphoria. Even though this famous player cannot boast multimillion-dollar winnings, his gambling path is quite successful. At the same time, Antoine Walker has no prejudice in choosing the type of entertainment. He loves board games, slots, roulette, blackjack, and other gambling variations.

Isaiah Thomas

Isaiah Thomas is an amazing athlete who has forever become part of great NBA history. Many young basketball players want to repeat their records and become part of the national treasure. However, Isaiah has diverse interests and loves gambling. Casino games, for him, are a way to experience vivid emotions and enjoy victories. Once Isaiah Thomas even thought about organizing a land-based casino for all NBA stars but decided that this was too ambitious a plan. At the same time, he often flies to Las Vegas to participate in big poker tournaments and test new slots.

Why Did All These Athletes Decide to Join the Gambling Culture?

The fact is that gambling is associated with pure euphoria and strong emotions. Imagine that you played basketball all your life and were the best of the best. Surely you want to fill the void left by the end of your sports career. That is why athletes so often visit casinos and play for real money. For them, this is a way to say no to stress and routine life. With slots, table games, and other entertainment, they feel alive.

What Types of Casinos Do NBA Athletes Prefer?

As a rule, basketball players visit land-based casinos more often. Such a decision can be argued by the desire to be in the center of events and feel pure emotions along with thousands of other people. At the same time, many NBA stars like to play online casinos at home, as this is a good opportunity to have fun and not spend much time on transfers. In general, the popularity of web gambling among athletes is growing, so their preferences may soon change


As you can see, many NBA stars love gambling and enjoy casino games all their free time. These people love euphoria and the joy of victory. At the same time, they use different strategies and approaches to achieve a positive result. Gambling is their passion, so they live every game and look forward to new victories.