Identifying the Greatest NBA Teams of All Time

The NBA has been around a very long time, and it is much loved by many. Even when it comes to the gambling side of basketball, it is one of the most bet on sports today. If this part of the sport interests you check out, however, when you are looking to bet on the NBA, you want to know which teams are the best.

Throughout the history of the NBA, there has been so many excellent teams, back in ‘71 there were the Milwaukee Bucks who rocked our world, and in ‘83 the Philadelphia 76ers filled us with excitement. But there are countless teams who you can say to be the best NBA teams of all time. We have taken a look through history and have collected what we believe to be the top NBA teams we have seen.

#1: 2016-17 Golden State Warriors

There is no way that you can put any other team to the top of the list, as this team is by far the best of all time. They had four superstars; KD, Steph, Dray, and Klay, it felt like something out of a 2K game! You could tell they were coasting along in the regular season, and still they managed to win 67 games! Once the Playoffs rolled around, they give it their 100%, and they matched the ‘01 Lakers for the greatest postseason record in league history at 16-1! Incredible!

#2. 1995-96 Chicago Bulls

Before the 2016-17 Warriors came along, this Bulls team was unanimously viewed the best tea of all time. No championship team has won any more regular season games than these guys. The Bulls with MJ were always a big threat, but this was the year in which it all came together. They managed the highest rated offense and defense in the league in this season, and no one could seriously challenge them in the playoffs. Amazingly, they only actually lost 3 games, overall winning 72 games!

#3: 1971-72 Los Angeles Lakers

Despite how long ago this time was around, you simply cannot deny a 33 game winning streak. Only 6 teams in history have broken 20 in a row, and none have gone into the 30s. Even looking past their 69 win season and crazy win streak, this team has to have a place on this list. They were, without a doubt, loaded, with Gail Goodrich, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, and Jim McMillan. Their playoff competition was incredible throughout, and they crushed it in their talents, accomplishments, and their performance in the playoffs.

#4: 2007-08 Boston Celtics

No one can deny that defense wins championships, and no team proves that more than this team. Some people will say KG is a top 10 player of all time, while we cannot say that it’s true for sure, but what he did for the ‘08 Celtics team backs up the claims that he is. Not only was he DPOY in that season, but he had a solid case for MVP and ended up coming in 3rd. With him and Doc Rivers, as well as some other string defensive players, they combined to make the strongest defense in the league. Although they may not have been the most effective offensively, they had great players and could still get a bucket.

#5: 2013-14 San Antonio Spurs

This is probably the only team we can think of that really lacked a true superstar. Sure, Tim Duncan was on the team, but he was 37 and past his prime. But what they lacked in star power, they made up for in depth and coaching. This team won 62 games, but they beat the big 3 Heat in just 5. They are not as high up as some of the other teams because we can’t say how they’d fare going up against some other star-studded teams, However, if all these guys were in their prime, they would certainly have stolen #1!