History and Rules of American Basketball

America has always been a sports country. The impressive performances of athletes evidence this. Especially bright ones can be seen at the summer and winter Olympic Games. Athletes from the U.S. always win a lot of gold and are ahead of their rivals.

Not surprisingly, sports are actively promoted in America. This may be related to American women’s understanding – it’s easier to maintain health than regain it. You can see athletic fields and swimming pools in almost every home. They are elements of everyday life. The love of sport is cultivated from childhood. Particular attention is paid to sports in schools. The popularity is due to such reasons:

  • different movements – running, turning, jumping, throwing, ball-handling
  • less traumatic than baseball and American soccer
  • you can play in the hall and on the open ground
  • there is no need to install complex equipment
  • The sport is accessible to the entire population

More exciting information about the American basketball association can be found here https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Basketball_Association. This sport has become popular not only in the United States but worldwide.

The History of Basketball

James Naismith was a young teacher at the Christian Youth Association Center in Springfield. In 1891, he decided to diversify his gymnastics class and make it more energetic. To do this, he invented a new game. James attached two pictures of the balcony railing that had no bottom. The students had to throw a soccer ball.

The students liked the game so much that James developed the first 13 rules a year later. The first official competition was held in 1891, too. They involved two teams; each had nine players.

After this game, there were shields, as fans were catching balls and throwing them in the basket. And after two years, in 1893, there were iron rings with nets. Thus unexpectedly, such a dynamic game became popular throughout the world.

In 1894, the first rules were published. Gradually, the game became known in the East, Japan, China, the Philippines, then Europe. Ten years later, the Americans showed their first tournament at the Olympic Games. In the program of these games, basketball appeared only in 1936. James Naismith was always the guest of honor at the Olympics.

Until today, basketball remains one of the most famous sports worldwide. This is also due to the National Basketball Association (NBA). It is made up of the most talented and successful players. They have the opportunity to perform on a high-profile stage. Everyone loves to watch the basketball championship.

National Basketball Association

The NBA is the premier basketball league in the world. It was founded in 1946 and had a legendary history. It has been the most famous American sports league in the last ten years.

There are 30 teams from the United States and Canada. They are divided into Western and Eastern conferences. Each conference has three divisions of 5 units. The games are broadcast all over the world, so they attract the attention of a vast number of fans.

The men’s national basketball team is the most titled in the sport. In many bookmakers’ offices, you can bet on this league. A large number of fans watch their idols and enjoy the competition.

The Basic Basketball Rules

At first glance, basketball is simple, but there are still some difficulties. It all depends on the game’s level, which is the main attraction. It is straightforward to learn how to play compared to other sports. The rules can be memorized in a short period. The most important thing is to consider all the difficulties, details, and nuances.

The most crucial goal in this game is to score as many points as possible. This is very straightforward because this team will win. The scoring is calculated in this way:

  • penalty shot or “free throw” – 1 point
  • shot from outside the 3-point line – 2
  • shot from behind the 3-point line – 3

Outside, one and 2-point shots are mostly counted. Penalties are not shot; instead, the ball is thrown from the front or sideline. Most of the rules of this game say what is not allowed to be done. Only a few say what is allowed. Before you start playing basketball, you should familiarize yourself with the basic rules:

  • The ball may not be kicked, punched, or carried with both hands at the same time;
  • If a player is leading the ball, it is prohibited to push, hit on the hands, trip, or other similar actions;
  • Running with the ball in your hands is forbidden; if you lead the ball and take it in two hands, it must be thrown into the ring or made a pass to a partner. Moreover, remember that you can make only two steps with the ball in two hands. Otherwise, it will be considered a violation, and the ball goes to the opponent;
  • If the player who carries the ball steps with his foot outside the court, the ball would be out of play;
  • It is forbidden to jump with the ball in hand; if a player jumps with the ball before landing, he must throw it around the ring or pass it to a teammate. Alternatively, if a player jumps up and lands with the ball in hand, the ball passes to the other team;
  • The game continues until a specific score or time, for example, two periods of 10 minutes. The physical fitness of the players determines time. Newcomers find running challenging for a long time, so they are usually given two periods of 10 minutes.

For more information about the rules, read here https://www.masterclass.com/articles/basketball-rules-explained. These rules are enough to understand how to play basketball. This is information for general understanding. There are more complicated rules for athletes.

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