How to stay in a long-distance relationship as an athlete

In reality, we all like to have our partners around us. Having a relationship with someone far away can be perplexing, but then, it is possible. Research has proved that distant relationships are to a large extent stronger than those whose partners are close by.

In this guide, we have for you a list of tips from experienced relationship specialists to help you re-ignite and maintain a romantic and cordial bond with your partner.

1. Embrace frequent communication

Whereas it is imperative to communicate with your partner frequently, it is also vital to strike a weighing scale in-between. Even if you’re too busy to engage in lengthy communication with them due to your tight schedules, just ensure you employ any means to communicate daily.

You can get this done by dropping a voice note or sending a short text during your spare time. This will go a long way to instill a spirit of intimacy between you and your partner and also revive the vibe in your relationship. While it is very important to communicate with your lover consistently, it is imprudent to be muggy every time.

Since you both have other daily schedules, you could plan out an agreed time that you both communicate. This could be during your lunch breaks or the last few hours before you sleep at night.

2. Always remind each other what you love about the connection

Emphasize that part of them you love most. Lack of physical bond can make the heart grow tender, but then it can also revitalize that sense of connection! Discuss what you cherish most about each other. Comment on that unique aspect of them that makes you feel alive.

Case in point, make the following statement your usual line during a conversation, “You are the best thing that has happened to me”. “I feel at ease after talking to you”. “You have the best smile in the universe”, and “your smile often melts my heart”. This will build up the emotional link between you both and gives a re-assurance of the sincerity of your love”.

3. Arrange for a date or watch movies together

Who says you can’t arrange a movie date with your partner when you’re apart? Mutually decide on a film that interests you both and watch it together same time at your respective locations. The likes of Netflix Party Plugin and Google Watch Party have made a virtual movie date easier and more interesting.

To keep you safe while streaming, you and your partner should install a VPN on your home router or mobile phone, irrespective of your location.  Securing and configuring your router to use a VPN is easy with the help of the VeePN service. With the help of technology, you can’t run short of quixotic virtual ideas. Most importantly, ensure to plan the virtual date with your partner so that you both can inculcate it in your calendars.

4. Make clear expectations 

All relationships are accompanied by a bag of hopes. Making unrealistic expectations have been the cause of the collapse of most relationships. Accordingly, it is imperative to set clear expectations in your relationship, especially in a distant one.

Unclear expectations make you look unattractive and boring to your partner. Discuss your expectations regarding topics such as commitment, loyalty, dependability, and the likes.

5. Abate the sentiment of dishonesty

It can only be normal to associate with an external opposite gender only if it is acceptable to your partner. Nevertheless, you should stay away from provocative actions such as hanging out with an opposite-gender without the consent of your lover.

This will pass the wrong signal to your partner and make them feel insecure. You should consider the impact of your actions on the emotional state of your partner and your relationship well-being in general.

6. Spell out your plans together

One of the things that keeps a distant relationship going is the talk of the future and working towards it. While you’re apart from your partner, constantly discuss your future with them.

Let them know your plan as well as the plans you have for them in the future. This will strengthen your relationship and make them feel safe in the relationship.

7. Send lots of gifts

We all love to be babied. One of the ways to impress your partner is to send them to surprise gifts. Ensure to choose items they love to use like boxer/pants, singlets, wristwatches, body spray, or a pair of shoes. This will serve as a way to keep you in their mind every time they use those items and make them feel loved even as you’re away from each other.

8. Give each other space

While it is paramount to communicate with your partner daily, doing so too frequently will make you look tacky, and this could be an off-point to some people particularly when you’re not together.

You should bear in mind that you both have lives separate from your relationship life. You should strike an equation between your personal life and that of your relationship.