Ivy League Coach of the Year

List of Ivy League Coach of the Year winners

The Ivy League has awarded Ivy League Coach of the Year honors every season since 2014-15. The league itself is considerably older than the award, established in its current form in 1954. Prior to then, the same eight schools competed against each other under various formal and informal names dating back to the late 1870’s. Four of the awards have been given to James Jones from Yale. See also: Ivy League Player of the Year

Year Coach School
2015 James Jones Yale
2016 James Jones (2) Yale (2)
2017 Mitch Henderson Princeton
2018 Steve Donahue Penn
2019 Mike Martin Brown
2020 James Jones (3) Yale (3)
2021 none (season cancelled)
2022 Brian Earl Cornell
2023 James Jones (4) Yale (4)

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