Jamaica Classic Champions

Jersey Mike’s Jamaica Classic Champions

Full list of Jamaica Classic champions, including head coach, by year. The Jersey Mike’s Jamaica Classic is an early season Division I men’s college basketball tournament that has taken place annually in November since 2017. Eight mid- and high-major programs meet in Jamaica to play a tournament and crown a champion. In the first several years, the event was more of a round-robin showcase. Teams are now separated into two groups – the Montego Bay and Rose Hall divisions – with Montego Bay being the “higher” tier of the two. The tournament is hosted at the Montego Bay Convention Centre in St. James, Jamaica.

Year Champion Head Coach
2017 Florida State Leonard Hamilton
2018 Loyola Marymount Mike Dunlap
2019 Utah State Craig Smith
2020 cancelled
2021 round robin event in St. Petersburg, FL
2022 (Montego Bay) Loyola Marymount Stan Johnson
2022 (Rose Hall) Queens (NC) Grant Leonard

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