Who have been the NBA’s best rookies this season?

Who have been the best NBA rookies this season? This is a question that many will be looking to try and find the answer to, as they will want to watch them in their sophomore year and see if they can have the same – if not – a better impact whilst on the court for the organizations that they play for.

Naturally, there are always a number of players who immediately make the jump from college to the professional game that appear to struggle and perhaps fail to live up to expectations straight from the beginning but subsequently find their feet when they begin to learn the game.

However, there are a number of talented individuals who can be considered ballers from the beginning as they show a significant amount of promise. The biggest concern that they will have is being able to replicate what they have done in their first season and continue to do it whilst they remain a professional in the NBA on a consistent basis.

NBA Playoffs

Indeed, those who are able to perform well consistently will likely have a greater chance of being able to reach the NBA playoffs as often as possible throughout their careers, where they will then have the opportunity to truly define their careers.

Naturally, this is where many around the world will be judging them, too, as the level of expectation will subsequently be increased. With many continuing to enjoy sports betting activities during the postseason, those that are interested will want to know which rookie has been playing well and which ones have not.

The NBA odds currently available have the Phoenix Suns as the favorites to win the NBA Championship, after falling short last season to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Championship Game, whilst the Golden State Warriors are thought to be the next-best option for those that are interested in this year’s competition.

Let’s take a look at some of the best NBA rookies this season and see why the teams mentioned above, as well as the others, might be considered potential NBA Champions once the playoffs are said and done.

Jonathan Kuminga – Golden State Warriors

One reason why the Golden State Warriors are thought to be one of the teams to watch in the NBA playoffs is because of their rookie, Jonathan Kuminga.

The small forward was one of the youngest players in the recent NBA Draft, however his ability belittles that as he has shown he can hang with the rest of them. He may have been selected as the No. 7 overall pick, but he would have been expected to take some time to adjust.

Naturally, there are areas where he could improve, but he is already showing that he can be an incredible point scorer, whilst he has all of the attributes to be a big-time player in the future.

Scottie Barnes – Toronto Raptors

Scottie Barnes has been sensational and a player that many would not have been expecting to have the kind of production that he has had for the Toronto Raptors in his first season in the NBA.

The forward has been indispensable for the Canadian-based franchise, with the player being incredibly versatile and showing he can defend as much as he can attack. He is aggressive when he plays offense, and with the player technically sound on defense, the Raptors got themselves a gem!

Evan Mobley – Cleveland Cavaliers

When thinking of the best NBA rookie this season, it would be easy to argue that nobody comes close to Evan Mobley.

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have been expecting to ease him into the league once they had selected him, however they will have been pleased that they did not as he provided a huge amount of talent and quality whilst on the court.

Injuries to key personnel forced Mobley into the team, but he instantly thrived, as he was one of the biggest reasons why the team managed to win as many games as they did and reach the NBA playoffs this season.

Mobley was incredible defensively, and immediately showed he was one of the NBA’s best defenders, whilst he also established himself as a skilled shooter and, despite there still being areas in which he can work on, there is no denying he was the stand out rookie this season!