NBA Games in Daydream VR in 2022

No longer do basketball lovers have to wait for the NBA season to start. Now, they can access NBA virtual reality games through Google Daydream VR. Next VR recently released the Daydream VR smartphone VR headset, where you can enjoy enhanced virtual reality coverage of live NBA games.

Previously, only those with a Samsung Gear VR headset could access this feature. Now, Google also offers this feature to UK, US, Canada, Germany, and Australia residents through its Daydream VR NBA app. This article will provide you with in-depth information about Daydream games and their virtual reality features as well as their pros and cons. Without further ado, let’s delve straight in!

Get In On the Action through Google Daydream VR Games

Have an insatiable appetite for dunks, three-pointers, and final second jumpers? With the new NBA Virtual Reality app, available on Daydream, you can explore the NBA in an entirely new way. You can also watch NBA’s debut virtual reality series, “House of Legends,” featuring NBA legends discussing anything from their defining career moments to pop culture to common trends. The series also allows you to watch top moments in the NBA through your virtual sports lounge on Daydream.

Virtual reality sports have become a widely popular pastime for gamers across the globe. Not only does it allow players to be part of the action during the NBA season, but it also provides a source of fun and excitement when gambling at an online casino. Although Daydream VR requires a virtual reality headset that is bought separately and has to be carried everywhere, it works best in an iphone casino as it is more user-friendly and compatible with top Daydream online game software.

Benefits of Daydream VR

There is nothing wrong with enjoying the activities offered in NBA VR games. But, if you are interested in taking your NBA VR betting to the next level, we recommend trying Daydream VR. Below are some of the advantages of NBA games on Daydream VR 2022.

-Offers an Engaging Way to Learn About NBA Gameplay

NBA gameplay consists of vast jargon that many players often find confusing. Exploring NBA games on Daydream VR can help you learn more about NBA terms and gameplay. Furthermore, you can also earn some money while you are at it. However, make sure you do not create a hefty investment before learning the game’s ropes.

-Immersive Gameplay

Daydream VR provides players with thrilling and immersive gameplay, making you feel like you are by the game’s courtside. The graphics are top-notch, and the sound will make you feel like you are at the actual NBA game.

-Compatible with a Wide Range of Mobile Devices

To access Daydream virtual reality games, you must use Daydream and Daydream-compatible mobile devices. Luckily, Google has partnered with a wide range of smartphone manufacturers to ensure that users can access Daydream hassle-free. So whether you have an Android or Apple device, you can access the top-tier quality of Daydream NBA VR games.

Drawbacks of NBA VR Games on Google Daydream

Although there are many advantages of playing Daydream games, gamers must know the few cons of this product. They include:

-Quality Limitations

However, this is not Google Daydream VR’s fault because it is where VR technology has reached. Although the virtual reality experience has advanced immensely from how it was a few years ago, players still face some blurry graphics and animations every now and then. But, players can minimize these blurry views by getting suitable VR headset lenses and using them correctly.

-Gamers Must Pay a Fee

Gamers who want to play the NBA games at Daydream must pay $200 for the NBA League Pass. You will get access to one live NBA game per week and exclusive highlights to your favorite games by paying this fee. Although many may see this as an unnecessary expense, those who have paid the fee can attest to the superb and out-of-this-world experience this technology offers.

-You Must Purchase a VR Headset

If you are familiar with virtual reality, you will need a virtual reality headset bought separately from the VR app. Furthermore, carrying the headset with you everywhere to play these games would be best.


Daydream games allow lovers of basketball to enjoy new and engaging ways to connect with their favorite players, teams, and leagues. Over the years, the app has received plenty of good reviews from users, making it the ideal basketball fan destination. You can be sure to enjoy the best and most high-quality NBA VR experience with Google Daydream VR.

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