The NBA Finals: One Ring to Rule Them All

Man, how fun are the NBA Finals?! Having a series tied 1-1, and a close NBA Finals between the two best teams in basketball. There is nothing like it. 

From the Celtics coming from nowhere to one of the best defenses of all time, to the Warriors once again trying to reach the mountain top after missing the Playoffs in two-straight seasons, this is a great final series to a great NBA season. 

The NBA Playoffs and Finals specifically have been downright fun, but you know what else they have been? Profitable.

Making Money Betting on the NBA

By using the OddsJam NBA Odds page, you too will be able to make a killing betting on the NBA. It doesn’t take a genius, either. Going to that odds page gives you access to what every sportsbook is pricing odds to pretty much every NBA market. Doing that you can analyze the NBA betting lines and place profitable bets. 

Using this knowledge, you can find discrepancies between sportsbooks and find some really great bets to take. 

For example, game 1 of the NBA Finals featured an outlier scoring and shooting barrage from both teams. The Celtics made over 20 three pointers and shot over 50% from 3, while the Warriors weren’t far behind them. The game total went well over what it was priced at, which means that there was value on the under in game 2.

With this knowledge, OddsJam users hammered the under in game 2. They made money doing so, too, with the total ending significantly lower than the game 1 amount and what the total was set at. 

Watching the NBA is fun, and it can be even more fun if you are making money doing so! It isn’t difficult, all you need to do is check all the lines that sportsbooks offer and make sure you are finding the best odds. Once you do that, you can earn yourself some cash.