Possible Future Partners for Lakers

Having 17 NBA Championships has made the Lakers one of the most successful Basketball teams in the world. The team has been one of America’s most beloved basketball teams since it started in 1947 as the Minneapolis Lakers. The Minneapolis Lakers won their first championship in 1948, a year after they got together. The team has been at the top of several charts since that win even after becoming the Los Angeles Lakers and making their base in the Staples Center.

Their position as one of the leading basketball teams globally has opened the LA Lakers to rich partnerships with some of the most successful brands in America. The Lakers team and its members are ambassadors for corporations and businesses across several industries, from finances to entertainment, hospitality, food, fashion, and health care. 

The Lakers secured these partnerships because they have several fans worldwide, with at least 21.8 million of them in America alone. Making them the most followed NBA and International Basketball team in the world. The Lakers team recently signed a partnership with the MGM Resort Group, and they have enough patronage to become official partners with any of the following brands:



Bet365 is a British-owned online gambling provider with a large customer base worldwide. Denise Coates founded the company in 2000, and the company has grown into one of the largest gambling services in the world. 

Bet365 has a limited presence in the United States. The sportsbook and casino provider is only officially present in New Jersey, but when more states legalize gambling it will definitely expand into other states within the next couple of months. 

Partnering with the Lakers will help Bet365’s expansion into other states and even more growth into some other countries in North America. The partnership would entice a large number of the Lakers’ fans to try Bet365’s sportsbooks and casino, creating more patronage for the gambling provider.

Like some other members of the NBA, the Lakers are part of the teeming supporters of gambling services in America, and some of the team’s executives and players gave their support for sports betting in the country and are willing to serve as brand ambassadors for the advanced industry.


Under Armour

Under Armour has been manufacturing and supplying quality sports equipment for over 30 years and has one of the largest stocks of microfiber sports wears in America.

Due to their quality products, the team has dealt with the leading sports teams in several states and several international partners. A partnership with the Lakers would benefit Under Armour and the Lakers Team because they are both present in the sports industry and have their patronage. This partnership would strengthen both brands when the Lakers’ team uses the Under Armour equipment and shows up as ambassadors for the brand.


NGB Sportsbook

NonGamStopBets is already a leading gambling provider in the United Kingdom that offers unrestricted casino and sports betting services in Europe. The sportsbook’s niche includes offering services not restricted by NonGamStopBets or any other self-exclusion agencies.

Laker’s partnership with NonGamStopBets sites in the UK will boost the sportsbooks’ recognition in America and help their presence in Maryland when the state approves their presence.



It is quite surprising that the Lakers’ have not become partners with Heineken. Both brands are leaders in their industry, and they have huge patronages that would boost one another’s services.

Heineken has been providing one of the most refreshing drinks in the world since 1873 and has become an internationally renowned lager beer brand with a heavy presence in the sports industry. The brand is currently one of the biggest partners of international sports organizations like the Union of European Football Association (UEFA) and enjoys frequent publicity during their Champions leagues competitions.

The Lakers can offer similar publicity to the Heineken brand in the United States, introducing the beer as the official drink of the team and boosting their recognition in the NBA and across the American sports industry.



The Lakers’ partnership with GamCare would be one of the most helpful partnerships in the history of gambling and basketball. GamCare is a gambling support charity that offers information, advice and aid to people with gambling challenges. The charity has been acting in the United Kingdom since 1997 and has effectively helped problem gamblers out of gambling difficulties. Their services include rehabilitation of addicts and outreaches that manage punters’ interactions with gambling services.

Since the Lakers have recently made some presence in the gambling industry, it would be a helpful initiative for the brand to partner with GamCare to guide their fans’ interactions with gambling. The partnership can involve the Lakers’ frequent publicity of GamCare’s services during games or on their media platforms. The team could also support GamCare’s charities and make active representation to boost the Charity.



The Lakers are currently one of the largest basketball teams in the NBA, and they have earned enough partnerships to become one of the most successful sports teams in the country. However, there are many popular gambling companies that would like to work together, so if the advantages of new gambling sponsorship overcome the drawbacks, in the near future we can see exciting news. More partnerships would boost the brand’s presence and create more patronage for their new partners.

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