Sunshine Slam Champions

Sunshine Slam Champions

Full list of Sunshine Slam champions, including head coach, by year. The Sunshine Slam is an early season Division I men’s college basketball tournament that has taken place annually in November since 2019 (except for 2020). The first event in November 2019 was a round robin tournament featuring four mid-major programs. All events since 2021 have consisted of eight teams – a mix of high- and mid-major programs – broken into two four-team brackets to determine two separate champions. Each time also plays a separate on-campus game against one of the teams from the other bracket in the week prior. All games are played at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Year Champion Head Coach
2019 Delaware Martin Ingelsby
2021 Utah Craig Smith
Air Force Joe Scott
2022 UAB Andy Kennedy
Bucknell Nathan Davis
2023 Florida State Leonard Hamilton
Stetson Donnie Jones

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