Why college basketball is thriving more than the NBA

Basketball remains the greatest sport on the planet. It is the most fascinating event that displays some of the earth’s finest athletes. Basketball is a true art form, yet some basketball is unquestionably superior to others.

College basketball is superior to NBA basketball. The NBA players are undoubtedly much more talented and deserve to be paid more, but college basketball is considerably more pleasant to watch.

Undoubtedly, the NBA features some of the best athletes in the world. We all understand that the NBA is about its players. In the NBA, coaches aren’t as much of a necessity. If you feel otherwise, this article will change your orientation about college basketball and why it is better than the NBA.

5 Reasons Why College Basketball is Better than the NBA

This is a controversial viewpoint in today’s society; college basketball is appreciated worldwide and consistently will be (let us hope). Let us make the case for why watching college basketball is far more entertaining than watching it at the professional level.

The Enthralling March Madness is priceless

Sum everything up in two words: March Madness. These two words can close the entire discussion, but that might not seem very professional. But wait—did we say being a professional is worse? College basketball is undoubtedly a crazy sport. Although the Cavaliers’ incredible 3-1 comeback win over the Warriors was astounding, such results are uncommon in the NBA. Such comebacks have blessed us with players such as:

  • John Smith
  • David Thompson
  • Jessica Lee
  • Sarah Johnson

During this month, the nation unites in pursuing a flawless bracket. When they finally lose faith that it won’t happen, they continue to cheer assiduously as they observe history being made. You’re done after one poor game. You have to expect the unexpected to occur, yet it does not happen in the NBA.

Unlimited betting experience for fans

Betting on college basketball is so much simpler than betting on NBA games. Every night, college students attempt to better themselves. They must because if they don’t try, they will be benched, and if they are benched, they will realize that the only jobs available to them in the real world are those at the post office, airlines, or investment banks.

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Every game matters to the players

College athletes play because they enjoy it. There is no financial incentive, endorsement agreement, or agent protecting their interests. All they want is to win the championship for their college and their supporters. When viewed from this angle, college basketball has a level playing field. Why aren’t college games more well-attended than NBA ones if you think about it this way?

The explanation is straightforward: college basketball players are less likable than their beloved NBA stars, who earn millions of dollars annually. College players are just regular people with the good fortune to have an exceptional skill set that propelled them along the sports career route as children.

Undiluted passion and exceptional display of skill

Basketball at colleges is more passionate. Although not all players on the court are like this, everyone else is. You name it—college basketball has it—small arenas, jam-packed fans, face painting, posters, bands, chants, etc.

You can tell that each game is more important because of the shorter schedule. Although NIL has largely altered this, players continue participating to become famous. Everything is more important in college basketball, and the enthusiasm is unmatched.

All teams are leveled without any edge

Watching when you are unsure of the game’s outcome is much more thrilling. The NBA has existed for many years, and its players are renowned. Since college basketball players are less popular and have difficulty getting signed by professional teams, college basketball games are less advantageous for any team, allowing any underdog to defeat a more favored opponent. Fans’ fears that their beloved team could lose heightened the game’s tension.

While other sports have some element of match-fixing, the case is different for college basketball. This makes it easier for gamblers to place their wagers on their favorite team. Do online betting platforms offer no-deposit bonus promotions? A deposit-free bonus is available on many websites, but you must know where to search for them. To attract new customers, the no-deposit casino allows them to play for nothing at all.

Famous College Basketball players

Numerous outstanding young athletes compete in college basketball for various colleges to rise through the amateur ranks and make history. A couple of these sportsmen have accomplished this and much more. These student-athletes helped their schools have some of their best basketball seasons ever while also achieving various personal goals.

Player Name College Achievements
Bill Russell University of San Francisco 2 NCAA Champion, player of the year award
Christian Laettner Duke University 2 NCAA Champion, 2 National College Player of the Year
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar University of California, Los Angeles 3 NCAA Champion
Larry Bird Indiana State University NCAA Runner-up
Magic Johnson Michigan State University NCAA Champion, 2× Consensus National College Player of the Year
Michael Jordan University of North Carolina 2 NCAA Champion, 3 Player of the Year award

This table lists the names of renowned basketball players from colleges, the universities they attended, and noteworthy things they did as students. Please be aware that many other deserving athletes may be listed on this list and that this choice of athletes and their accomplishments is subjective.


Watching college basketball is preferable to watching the NBA. There are tensions in every game and greater player development overall. Because the players are less skilled than their counterparts in the NBA, games between them are even more unpredictable, which adds to the excitement. Do you agree that college basketball is better than the NBA?