3 Reasons Why You Need Portable Basketball Hoop

Because quarantine has everyone stuck at home for their safety, there’s now a high demand for portable exercise equipment. While going to the gym and shooting some hoops with your friends is no longer an option, you can still remain athletic at the comfort of your home. Gym equipment can be pretty pricey, while exercising can also be pretty boring when you’re stuck doing it at home. Alternatively, you can shoot some hoops without having to step outside. Here are 3 reasons you need to consider installing a basketball hoop at home.

1) It’s Affordable

Unlike an in-ground basketball hoop that would need a professional to install it in your yard, portable hoops come in different shapes, sizes, and thus prices. Because they’re designed to be installed indoors, they don’t go through as much wear and tear and they can pretty much last you a lifetime. Their durability and versatility are what make them comparably affordable compared to buying gym equipment to stay in shape or purchasing a backyard hoop.

2) Helps You Stay Active

We’re all guilty of becoming couch potatoes during quarantine, and that can easily change with the right equipment. If you have a hoop installed at home, you’ll be frequently reminded to grab that basketball and get moving. It’s also a much more fun way to exercise than simply doing some cardio. Many families couch for how convenient this portable system is, as it also helps families enjoy some activities from the comfort of their own home. Regardless of an individual’s skill level, everyone will get a chance to be competitive, enjoy some laughs, and have some intimate and fun family time.

3) Adjustable and Easily Moved

What are the odds that one of the perks of having a portable basketball hoop is that it’s simply portable? If you tend to move around a lot or if you live in a rental, it’s always a good idea to purchase a portable hoop instead of an in-ground one. Not only is it easy to move around from one home to another, but it’s also very storage-friendly. Most designs can be folded down, which means you can store them without having to worry about lots of visible junk lying around. Most designs also allow you to adjust the height, which is ideal if you have kids at home. That said, if you purchase one with a filled base, make sure you empty the base or ask for help before moving it around. 

Simply put, portable basketball hoops are incredibly versatile, affordable, and convenient for even the most compact homes that don’t have a lot of space. They’re adjustable, so you can change the height accordingly if you have kids in your household that want to join you. Many families also vouch for how game-changing this addition was to their home, as it helps everyone stay active as well as practice a family activity in the comfort of their home. These hoops come at different prices, but even the most expensive design will probably be a lot cheaper than an in-ground backyard hoop.


credit to Pixabay for the images