Lakers and Bookmakers’ Sponsorships: Is it Worth It?

Basketball and gambling are two of the most attractive forms of entertainment in America, and LA’s Lakers are right in the centre of both. The Lakers are already among the leading basketball teams in the NBA; it was not surprising to see them become the face of Gambling and Basketball sports betting.

In the past few decades, the Lakers have scored major partnership deals with the leading corporations across several industries. From Comerica Bank in 1992 to Adidas, Cincoro Tequila, LA Metro, Jack In A Box and more recent deals with UCLA Health, Toyota, and Verizon, Lakers offer some of the largest brand endorsements in the National Basketball Association. 

However, no one bated eyelids until the Lakers started signing deals that could influence the gambling industry. The concerns about the Lakers’ involvement with the bookmakers and the gambling industry are mostly about how the industry’s reputation would affect the Laker’s brand. Since we are impartial observers, it is best to see how the partnerships can benefit or mar the LA Lakers brand.


Laker’s partnership with bookmakers may offer some financial rewards and even more benefits in entertainment and thrills, but it is not a perfect relationship. From our history with gambling, punters make some poor choices, and we will not be wrong when we say the Lakers led them to these poor choices. Here are some of the drawbacks to the Lakers’ partnership with bookmakers:

Need To Educate About Gambling and Self-Exclusion

Since the Lakers’ reputation and their presence in the gambling scene affects their fan’s interaction with gambling, the brand will have to take responsibility for how the fans learn and interact with gambling. The Lakers have to offer frequent information on responsible gambling, the possibilities, and risks of gambling addiction, and every option the fans can explore in the event of addiction.

While featuring sites for sports betting not on GamStop using casinogap website and the GamStop-free gambling options, the Lakers also have to teach their fans about the risks of gambling addictions and all measures they can take if they have gambling concerns.

Possible Negative Gambling Influence

It is easy to see the relationship between the Lakers and some Bookmakers as a small interaction between two brands that will only result in some financial benefits for both brands, but the Lakers occupy a very esteemed position in the sports industry. 

As one of the leading basketball teams, they maintain more influence on their fans and the Basketball community than we are willing to admit. However, this means that they can direct the public’s attention to a brand or even sway public opinion about a brand.

Using the Lakers’ influence over something as addictive as gambling could mean the brand is encouraging the addiction or opposing public morality. By offering publicity and encouragement to bookmakers, the Lakers are directing their fans’ interests to gamble, and these bookmakers, giving their fans reasons to explore the gambling scene.


Laker’s relationship with the gambling industry already indicates where the brand stands on sports betting and gambling. However, beyond the Lakers’ openness to gambling activities, the partnership benefits the bookmakers, the Lakers team and their devoted fans in ways we can only describe as rewarding. Here are some benefits the Lakers get from their bookmakers’ sponsorship deals:

Additional Funds for the Team

There is no denying that the Lakers is one of the most successful brands in America. Between their annual game revenue and the endorsement deals, the LA Lakers rake in millions of dollars every month, and this has made them one of the richest sports brands in the world.

However, the gambling industry has a role in some of these sponsorship deals that made the Lakers as wealthy as they seem. Their relationship with brands like MGM Resort involves some gambling deals that have increased the Lakers’ revenue in the past few years. Offering endorsements to bookmakers and sportsbooks may have made the Lakers look bad to some puritans, but looking that good on the court does not come cheap.

More Entertainment for Players

The Lakers have scored some impressive sponsorship in the past few years; they have a standing relationship with over 3 financial institutions, food processing brands, fashion companies, a data recovery company, and the LA Metro. Sponsorship deals don’t get any better than this, but none of them is as thrilling as a partnership with gambling brands. 

Bookmakers offer players the thrill of participating in the most progressive sector of the entertainment industry. Even when they don’t place bets, players get to offer their individual endorsements, become stars of the fantasy leagues, and even make money off some other branding. While gambling is one of the most rewarding industries, it also offers the best entertainment one can get without active participation in sports. 


While gambling is a beneficial venture, its addictive prospect makes it risky for influential brands like the Lakers to support it publicly. However, drawing a line between the risks and benefits of the Lakers’ sponsorship deal with bookmakers will help you see the value of those deals.