A Rundown On NBA Betting

The NBA is the crux of the basketball world. The NBA is comprised of 30 teams, each of which plays 82 games during the regular season. As the league features so many fast-paced games each season, the sport of basketball lends itself extremely well to betting.

When the NBA rolls around, all eyes are on the star players and teams in the league. Whether you want to make a bet about a player or predict who will emerge victorious in the championship, there are lots of betting options at your disposal.

However, we know that it can all seem a little complicated at first glance.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with a rundown on NBA betting so you can better understand what it is and how it works.

A Brief Overview

How Does NBA Betting Work?

Generally speaking, NBA betting is pretty straightforward. This is largely down to the fact that the rules of the game are extremely easy to follow.

Simply, the more a team appears to be favored to win, the less money you will win by betting on them. On the opposite side, the more a team is expected to lose, the more money you will win on a return by betting on them.

Before you begin, you must learn how NBA betting odds work. When looking at betting odds, the team with a minus (-) next to their name is the favorite to win. If the team has a plus (+) next to their name, they’re considered the underdog of the game and are predicted to lose.

Key Terms

Betting in the NBA can be done in a couple of ways. Before we get into that, there are a couple of crucial things you must know.

Most bettors use a sportsbook that offers “lines” or bets to calculate the outcome of a particular game. Sportsbooks are places that help you to understand the odds for a particular game or player, how they are displayed, and also what they mean in terms of the outcome.

You must also know that a “spread” (or “line”) represents the number of points that a team is expected to either win or lose by.

Use Odds Comparison Tools to Improve your Edge

If you’re a member of multiple sportsbooks, you can scan them to find the best odds before placing a bet. Odds comparison and best odds websites are a great resource for doing this.

The good ones have real time and accurate data from all of the Legal US Sportsbooks, so you can shop around with confidence that you’re seeing the latest information.

Odds tools help highlight the best odds for any given wager, and if you’re a member of that particular site, you just need to sign in and place the bet.

Common Types of Betting

These are the most common types of NBA betting you may encounter:

  • Moneyline Bets: Betting on a money line requires you to directly predict which team will win the game. The victory margin is irrelevant. This is the most straightforward and popular NBA betting type.
  • Spread Betting: This requires bettors to bet on how many points a team will win or lose a game by.
  • Live Betting: Live NBA betting markets allow you to place bets on an NBA game in real time. That is, while the game is still playing out in front of you. It’s very thrilling but you must act quickly!
  • Parlay Bets: This involves wagering on the overall outcome of a proposition or more than one event at any time. You need to win every part of the bet for the wager to be graded as a winner.
  • Prop Bets: These bets focus less on the outcome or results of a game and more on individual players and events. This may include wagering on rebounds, assists, or points that a particular player may score in a game.
  • Total Bets (Over/Under): This is a classic type of NBA betting that’s also pretty easy to do. When using Totals betting, you must predict how many total points will be scored in an NBA game.

How To Place An NBA Bet

After you’ve selected where you want to make your bets, placing the bet is a pretty simple process. We’ve outlined some generic steps for you to follow below:

  1. Log in to your sportsbook account or whatever website or app you have chosen to make your bets on.
  2. Find the “NBA” section.
  3. Select the game you want to place a bet on.
  4. Choose your wager.
  5. Navigate to the betting slip (right-hand side of the computer screen or the bottom of your phone screen).
  6. Enter the amount of money you want to wager.
  7. Press “Place Bet.”

And you’re done! General rules may vary slightly depending on where you place your bet.


That concludes our rundown on NBA betting! We hope you now know a little bit more about the different types of NBA betting available.

When making bets, ensure you are going into it with a clear mind. This will keep you within your budget and help you make the best possible decisions!