College Basketball or Football: Which Is More Popular Among Students and Why?

Sports are an all-encompassing part of student life, but some people have explicit opinions about which sport they prefer and which is more suitable. There have always been arguments about “why is basketball better than football?”, “is basketball better than football?” These two sports are continuous and high-intensity. So what is more popular in college, football or basketball?

When did football appear?

Both sports have a long history in the world and have been known since the 1800s. During this time, they have become two of the biggest sports in the world. Nevertheless, football first appeared on the scene in 1863. After many centuries of similar games, football has finally become a recognized sport. The game was banned for centuries due to violent outbreaks but returned to London streets in the early 1800s.

The game was firmly established in every college, and its popularity rivaled cricket. The popularity and number of clubs created led to the fact that students began to be asked to write essays about football. This topic is still popular in colleges. But not everyone can write about sports, even if they play well. It is not a problem these days. Everyone can read the argumentative essay and general topics about sports to help them understand which sport they like more. Every student will find the perfect free essay sample to help them write a good essay. It doesn’t matter whether a student loves football or plays college basketball, essay examples will help describe a love for any sport.

When did basketball appear?

Basketball has taken a more leisurely route than football, with well-defined rules written by James Naismith. In 1892, basketball was first introduced to the public and was an immediate hit, with spectators watching the game. Word of this game quickly spread, and over the next three years, the rules were refined, leading to the first intercollegiate game between the Minnesota School and Hamline College in 1895.

In addition to the men’s game, the women’s game was also gaining popularity, and the first women’s game was played the following year. Every student had a basketball fever.

Workout part

In football, professional players can train for around 30 hours per week, depending on whether they have multiple games per week. In training, they will alternate work between light/recovery workouts, gym sessions, and so on.

Basketball players must undergo more rigorous training and train for about 40 hours a week during regular times of the year. Players must work out in the gym, train with an entire squad, attend rehabilitative massages, and work on their fitness. In colleges, the workload for students involved in these sports is about the same since both sports require effort and good physical fitness.

Physical contact

In both sports, students must be physically strong and be able to fend off opponents who are trying to take the ball from you and take it. In both sports, students of different builds may still play the game, but ultimately strength is a vital part of the game.  Although referees are more likely to call for physical contact in basketball than in football, for example, hitting over the shoulder is a foul in basketball.

Still, in football, it can be considered a fair tackle. It would help if you still were physically strong to prevent players from scoring defensively. There’s a close relationship between the two sports, but concerning strength, students should be more fit in basketball, especially as defensemen.

Which sport is more profitable?

There can be many differences in how much a player earns while playing basketball or football. If you look at players who play basketball outside of the US, they make $500,000-800,000 per season. In the US (NBA), the average player’s salary is a whopping $8.32 million. In football, players can still earn excellent wages, but the average in the English Premier League is at least $8 million. Popularity among students depends on the country where they play.

What do students prefer: college football vs college basketball?

With regard to popularity, football will always have an advantage amid students. Football dominates most colleges in Europe and South America, while basketball is the most popular sport in US colleges. It is impossible to determine what kind of sports students like more.

Both sports are hugely popular worldwide, but football has an advantage because it is played at a higher level than basketball. Nevertheless, the popularity of basketball cannot be underestimated, and it is one of the top three in America. Students probably prefer football due to its global appeal and the fact that points scored matter much more than the last quarter, as in basketball.


Football is more popular than basketball and will make it the best sport in the eyes of some students, but basketball is a very spectator sport that people enjoy along with football. In colleges around the world, students play both sports. Everyone chooses what he likes more.