What Are Rules for Arsenal Fans

Arsenal fans are expected to follow certain rules when visiting the Emirates Stadium or attending an Arsenal match. 

These guidelines have been implemented to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment, so all supporters need to read them carefully before attending any game.

The following blog will explain the basic rules for Arsenal fans. Let’s dig out!

Pronounce Players’ Name Correctly

Learning the correct pronunciation of the names of Arsenal players is important if you are an avid fan. Not only will it help you show your knowledge and enthusiasm, but it is also a sign of respect for the players. 

Several tools can be used to achieve success when trying to pronounce unfamiliar names. You can check out how-to videos made by native English speakers who specialize in teaching English pronunciation and phonetics. 

Besides, different websites contain audio recordings of native speakers pronouncing thousands of words and proper nouns, including many footballers’ surnames. So, you need to pronounce and remember the name of players as you remember cards in Blackjack online australia.

Should Memorize Arsenal Chants and Songs 

Being an Arsenal fan is so much more than just supporting the team in matches – it’s also about celebrating each win with passionate chants and songs. 

Chanting and singing are a central part of any Arsenal match, so to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere, you should memorize a few key chants and songs. 

One popular chant among fans is “We Love You Arsenal,” typically sung when the team wins a match or makes an impressive play. This chant is often accompanied by clapping and jumping up and down in excitement. Other popular chants include “Come on, You Gunners,” “One-Nil to the Arsenal,” and “Arsenal Till I Die.” 

Know the History of the Club 

Arsenal Football Club has a history that spans over 130 years. It was founded in 1886 at the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory and was initially named Dial Square. The club changed its name shortly after to Royal Arsenal before settling on the moniker we all know today: Arsenal F.C. 

In 1893, they moved from their South London roots to the north of the River Thames and became the first southern team to join the newly formed Football League Division One.

Since then, Arsenal has become one of England’s most successful clubs, with 13 league titles, 14 F.A. Cups, and two League Cups among their honors. 

You Will Hate Tottenham

Hating Tottenham is easy to do. The London-based football club has been involved in more than their fair share of controversy and scandal, from match-fixing allegations to unsporting behavior on the pitch. 

Fans of rival teams often take pleasure in seeing them struggle, and hate chants are not uncommon to be heard during games against them. Tottenham may be a good choice for you if you hate football clubs that lack integrity. 

Their reputation as one of the most disliked teams in English football certainly adds fuel to the fire. They have also had several high-profile spats with other clubs, another factor that might make it easier for some people to hate them even more. 

You Can’t Change Your Team

If you’re a hardcore fan of Arsenal, it might be tempting to try and change your team in search of a more successful side – but no deposit bonus codes won’t do the trick! 

No matter how much money you spend, loyalty is key to being a true supporter. Sticking by your team through thick and thin can create passion that will last for years, rather than simply switching allegiances with the hope of a better outcome. 

No matter what the results or standings may look like, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of being a dedicated and loyal supporter of Arsenal! 

Under 16 Fan Entry 

Another rule for Arsenal fans is that no person under 16 should attend a match without being accompanied by an adult (18+). This is necessary for the security and well-being of younger fans, as well as to ensure that there is no disruption caused due to unsupervised children running around the stadium.