Could the Bucks Make an Offseason Coaching Change Regardless of their Playoff Performance?

As the NBA playoffs heat up, the Milwaukee Bucks, like most other seasons, are under the microscope once again. Having clinched the division, the Bucks have given the fans a lot to celebrate this season. But things don’t seem quite settled in the coaching department.

Rumors are swirling about a possible new head coach for the Bucks this offseason, even if they make a deep run into the playoffs.

The current coaching situation

The Bucks have seen a few radical changes in the coaching department in the last two seasons. After firing Adrian Griffin in January 2024, the Bucks hired Doc Rivers to the vacant position. Before Rivers took charge, the Bucks were already in a challenging position, having seen their defence severely decline. The new coach needed to make some serious changes regarding how Giannis Antetokounmpo and Damian Lillard were used in the games. The first few games have been okay, but there is room for improvement.

Why might you see a change?

The new coach was brought in abruptly to replace Griffin despite a decent start to the season (30-13). It can only mean one thing: the expectations of the Bucks management from Doc are sky-high. Even the fans wanted to get in on the optimism as the betting market on sites such as saw a marked increase in favour of the rejuvenated Bucks.

On the other hand, if Rivers fails to meet these revised expectations, you might see him getting the boot this offseason.

Doc Rivers isn’t quite popular with the fans. Furthermore, he was fired by the Philadelphia 76ers when the team performed miserably under his leadership. Most analysts believe that Doc, as talented as he might be, is not worthy of a stellar team like the Bucks.

Then there is Giannis Antetokounmpo. The star player has already had some adjustment issues with the team’s strategists. If Rivers fails to maximize this star player’s potential, it might be lights out for the former ESPN analyst.

What might be the impact of this potential change?

If team management decides to part ways with Rivers this offseason, the Bucks would have fired three head coaches in three seasons. It can’t be great for the morale of the team. While there is no doubt that the team is full of exceptional talent, it needs stability more than anything else.

The Bucks have also shown significant weakness in their defence department, and things don’t seem to be improving. If there is another coaching change, the defence might suffer the most, making the team weaker than it already is.

Yes, the Bucks are a great team, and yes, they have given their fans some great memories, but things don’t seem entirely settled with them this season. The team still feels off-balance, and the lack of strategic plays has the fans worried.

A change in the coaching department might be a good thing, but one thing is clear: Doc Rivers has his days numbered with the Bucks.