List of NCAA Division II National Champions

List of NCAA Division II National Champions

The first NCAA Division II Basketball Tournament, then known as the College Division, took place in 1957 and featured 32 teams broken out into 8 regional groups. The College Division was created in 1956 when the NCAA split its member schools into two groups (College and University). In 1973, the NCAA College Division broke into two separate groups (Division II and Division III) while the University Division was renamed Division I.

Over the years, the format of the Division II Tournament has changed several times. The current tournament format features 64 teams – seeded 1 through 8 – in 8 regional groups that play single-elimination tournaments to determine the 8 regional champions. The champion of each of the 24 Division II conferences earn automatic bids while the remaining 40 bids are awarded at-large. The 8 regionals each feature 3 automatic bids and 5 at-large teams, with teams getting distributed evenly throughout each regional. The Elite Eight meet in a pre-determined location and play another single-elimination tournament to determine the champions.

Below is a list of NCAA Division II National Champions, Runners-Up, Final Four participants and coaches for each team:

Year National Champion / Coach Runner-Up / Coach Final Four / Coaches
1957 Wheaton Kentucky Wesleyan Mount St. Mary’s Cal State Los Angeles
Lee Pfund Robert Wilson Jim Phelan Sax Elliot
1958 South Dakota Saint Michael’s Evansville Wheaton
Dwane Clodfelter George “Doc” Jacobs Arad McCutchan Lee Pfund
1959 Evansville Southwest Missouri State North Carolina A&T Cal State Los Angeles
Arad McCutchan Edwin Matthews Cal Irvin Sax Elliot
1960 Evansville (2) Chapman Kentucky Wesleyan Cornell College
Arad McCutchan (2) Don Perkins T.L. Plain Paul Maaske
1961 Wittenberg Southeast Missouri State South Dakota State Mount St. Mary’s
Ray Mears Charles Parsley Jim Iverson Jim Phelan
1962 Mount St. Mary’s Sacramento State Southern Illinois Nebraska Wesleyan
Jim Phelan Everett Shelton Harry Gallatin Irvin Peterson
1963 South Dakota State Wittenberg Oglethorpe Southern Illinois
Jim Iverson Eldon Miller Garland F. Pinholster Jack Hartman
1964 Evansville (3) Akron North Carolina A&T Northern Iowa
Arad McCutchan (3) Tony Laterza Cal Irvin Norm Stewart
1965 Evansville (4) Southern Illinois North Dakota Saint Michael’s
Arad McCutchan (4) Jack Hartman Bill Fitch Edward Markey
1966 Kentucky Wesleyan Southern Illinois Akron North Dakota
Guy Strong Jack Hartman Tony Laterza Bill Fitch
1967 Winston-Salem State Southwest Missouri State Kentucky Wesleyan Illinois State
Clarence Gaines Bill Thomas Guy Strong James Collie
1968 Kentucky Wesleyan (2) Indiana State Trinity (TX) Ashland
Bob Daniels Gordon C. Stauffer Bob Polk Bill Musselman
1969 Kentucky Wesleyan (3) Southwest Missouri State American International ** Ashland
Bob Daniels (2) Bill Thomas William Callahan ** Bill Musselman
1970 Philadelphia Tennessee State UC Riverside Buffalo State
Herb Magee Ed Martin Freddie Goss Howard MacAdam
1971 Evansville (5) Old Dominion Southwestern Louisiana ** Kentucky Wesleyan
Arad McCutchan (5) Sonny Allen Beryl Shipley ** Bob Daniels
1972 Roanoke Akron Tennessee State Eastern Michigan
Charles Moir Wyatt Webb Ed Martin Jim Dutcher
1973 Kentucky Wesleyan (4) Tennessee State Assumption Brockport
Bob Jones Ed Martin Joe O’Brien Mauro Panaggio
1974 Morgan State Southwest Missouri State Assumption New Orleans
Nat Frazier Bill Thomas Joe O’Brien Ron Greene
1975 Old Dominion New Orleans Assumption Tennessee State
Sonny Allen Ron Greene Joe O’Brien Ed Martin
1976 Puget Sound Chattanooga Eastern Illinois Old Dominion
Don Zech Ron Shumate Don Eddy Paul Webb
1977 Chattanooga Randolph-Macon North Alabama Sacred Heart
Ron Shumate Hal Nunnally Bill L. Jones Don Feeley
1978 Cheyney State Wisconsin-Green Bay Eastern Illinois Florida Tech
John Chaney Dave Buss Don Eddy Torchy Clark
1979 North Alabama Wisconsin-Green Bay Cheyney State Bridgeport
Bill L. Jones Dave Buss John Chaney Bruce Webster
1980 Virginia Union New York Tech Florida Southern North Alabama
Dave Robbins Sam Stern Hal Wissel Bill L. Jones
1981 Florida Southern Mount St. Mary’s Cal Poly Wisconsin-Green Bay
Hal Wissel Jim Phelan Ernie Wheeler Dave Buss
1982 District of Columbia Florida Southern Kentucky Wesleyan Cal State Bakersfield
Wil Jones Hal Wissel Mike Pollio Bobby Dye
1983 Wright State District of Columbia Morningside Cal State Bakersfield
Ralph Underhill Wil Jones Dan Callahan Bobby Dye
1984 Central Missouri State St. Augustine’s Kentucky Wesleyan North Alabama
Lynn Nance Harvey Heartley Mike Pollio Bill L. Jones
1985 Jacksonville State South Dakota State Kentucky Wesleyan Mount St. Mary’s
Bill E. Jones Gene Zulk Mike Pollio Jim Phelan
1986 Sacred Heart Southeast Missouri State Cheyney State Florida Southern
Dave Bike Ron Shumate Charles Songster George Scholz
1987 Kentucky Wesleyan (5) Gannon Delta State Eastern Montana
Wayne Chapman Tom Chapman Steve Rives Pat Douglass
1988 Lowell State Alaska Anchorage Florida Southern Troy State
Don Doucette Ron Abegglen George Scholz Don Maestri
1989 North Carolina Central Southeast Missouri State UC Riverside Jacksonville State
Michael Bernard Ron Shumate John Masi Bill E. Jones
1990 Kentucky Wesleyan (6) Cal State Bakersfield North Dakota Morehouse
Wayne Chapman (2) Pat Douglass Rich Glas Arthur McAfee Jr.
1991 North Alabama (2) Bridgeport Cal State Bakersfield Virginia Union
Gary Elliott Bruce Webster Pat Douglass Dave Robbins
1992 Virginia Union (2) Bridgeport Cal State Bakersfield California (PA)
Dave Robbins (2) Bruce Webster Pat Douglass Jim Boone
1993 Cal State Bakersfield Troy State Wayne State Southern New Hampshire
Pat Douglass Don Maestri Ron Hammye Stan Spirou
1994 Cal State Bakersfield (2) Southern Indiana Washburn Southern New Hampshire
Pat Douglass (2) Bruce Pearl Bob Chipman Stan Spirou
1995 Southern Indiana UC Riverside Norfolk State Indiana (PA)
Bruce Pearl John Masi Michael Bernard Kurt Kanaskie
1996 Fort Hays State Northern Kentucky Virginia Union California (PA)
Gary Garner Ken Shields Dave Robbins Jim Boone
1997 Cal State Bakersfield (3) Northern Kentucky Salem (WV) Lynn
Pat Douglass (3) Ken Shields Mike Carey Jeff Price
1998 UC Davis Kentucky Wesleyan Virginia Union Saint Rose
Bob Williams Ray Harper Dave Robbins Brian Beaury
1999 Kentucky Wesleyan (7) Metro State Truman State Florida Southern
Ray Harper Mike Dunlap Jack Schrader Gordon Gibbons
2000 Metro State Kentucky Wesleyan Missouri Southern State Seattle Pacific
Mike Dunlap Ray Harper Robert Corn Ken Bone
2001 Kentucky Wesleyan (8) Washburn Western Washington Tampa
Ray Harper (2) Bob Chipman Brad Jackson Richard Schmidt
2002 Metro State (2) Kentucky Wesleyan ** Shaw Indiana (PA)
Mike Dunlap (2) Ray Harper ** Joel Hopkins Gary Edwards
2003 Northeastern State Kentucky Wesleyan ** Queens (NC) Bowie State
Larry Gipson Ray Harper ** Bart Lundy Luke D’Alessio
2004 Kennesaw State Southern Indiana Metro State Humboldt State
Tony Ingle Rick Herdes Mike Dunlap Tom Wood
2005 Virginia Union (3) Bryant Lynn Tarleton State
Dave Robbins (3) Max Good Scott McMillin Lonn Reisman
2006 Winona State Virginia Union Seattle Pacific Stonehill
Mike Leaf Dave Robbins Jeff Hironaka David McLaughlin
2007 Barton Winona State Cal State San Bernardino Central Missouri
Ron Lievense Mike Leaf Jeff Oliver Kim Anderson
2008 Winona State (2) Augusta State Alaska Anchorage Bentley
Mike Leaf (2) Dip Metress Rusty Osborne Jay Lawson
2009 Findlay Cal Poly Pomona Augusta State Central Missouri
Ron Niekamp Greg Kamansky Dip Metress Kim Anderson
2010 Cal Poly Pomona Indiana (PA) Bentley St. Cloud State
Greg Kamansky Joe Lombardi Jay Lawson Kevin Schlagel
2011 Bellarmine BYU-Hawaii Minnesota State West Liberty
Scott Davenport Ken Wagner Matt Margenthaler Jim Crutchfield
2012 Western Washington Montevallo Bellarmine Stonehill
Brad Jackson Danny Young Scott Davenport David McLaughlin
2013 Drury Metro State Western Washington West Liberty
Steve Hesser Derrick Clark Tony Dominguez Jim Crutchfield
2014 Central Missouri (2) West Liberty Metro State USC Aiken
Kim Anderson Jim Crutchfield Derrick Clark Vince Alexander
2015 Florida Southern (2) Indiana (PA) Bellarmine Tarleton State
Linc Darner Joe Lombardi Scott Davenport Lonn Reisman
2016 Augustana (SD) Lincoln Memorial Western Oregon West Liberty
Tom Billeter Josh Schertz Jim Shaw Jim Crutchfield
2017 NW Missouri State Fairmont State Bellarmine Lincoln Memorial
Ben McCollum Jerrod Calhoun Scott Davenport Josh Schertz
2018 Ferris State Northern State West Texas A&M Queens (NC)
Andy Bronkema Paul Sather Tom Brown Bart Lundy
2019 NW Missouri State (2) Point Loma Saint Anselm Southern Indiana
Ben McCollum (2) Ryan Looney Keith Dickson Rodney Watson
2020 tournament cancelled
due to COVID-19 pandemic
NW Missouri State (3) West Texas A&M Flagler Lincoln Memorial
Ben McCollum (3) Tom Brown Chad Warner Josh Schertz
NW Missouri State (4) Augusta Indiana (PA) Black Hills State
Ben McCollum (4) Dip Metress Joe Lombardi Ryan Thompson
Nova Southeastern West Liberty Cal State San Bernardino Black Hills State
Jim Crutchfield Ben Howlett Andy Newman Ryan Thompson
Minnesota State Nova Southeastern West Texas A&M Cal State San Bernardino
Matt Margenthaler Jim Crutchfield Tom Brown Gus Argenal

** these appearances were later vacated by the NCAA, and therefore are not counted towards either the team’s or coach’s totals


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