Is Victor Wembanyama the Greatest NBA Prospect Ever?

Maybe not ever, but the hype around this Frenchman is astonishing. Given his physical size and arm span, it is clear why. Whoever recruits this young superstar will be highly hopeful to move into next season with momentum. But unfortunately, basketball fans know all too well that having colossal potential as a rookie doesn’t always translate into the career of a superstar.

Michael Jordan wasn’t the first draft pick, and he is now widely touted as the greatest NBA player of all time. We all know what Jordan went on to achieve, his controversies, his crowning, glorious moments, and he is an avid gambler who is often spotted at the high-roller tables in many Las Vegas casinos.

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We also know he had a turbulent relationship with gambling, so we must point out that you should only ever gamble as entertainment. If you believe you are losing control of your gambling, you should speak to a professional who can help you. Although Jordan found himself as the third draft pick and went on to achieve great things, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was by far the best out of the potential future stars in the 1969 pick and went on to prove exactly why.

Of course, it depends on the players and the strength of their college careers. However, Kareem’s impact was so profound his presence still reverberates around the youth programs today, with esteemed awards named in his honor.

Who Is Victor Wembanyama?

The dexterous French talent lives in an age where people are glued to their mobile phones. Accessing clips in the modern era is much easier than in the days of Michael Jordan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. He is an inch taller than Shaquille O’Neal and has a wingspan of around 8 feet. The power forward will be one of the tallest players in the league.

Many critics, analysts, and ex-players have stated he is a generational talent. The NBA is also keeping an eye on teams who deliberately play poorly toward the end of the season in a bid to draft Wembanyama. This should give you some indication of just how highly touted this young man is.

Legends Of the Game

Allen Iverson was highly revered as a rookie, and many placed him above Kobe Bryant. Iverson became a legend of the game, as did the late, great Kobe Bryant.

Starting as the number one draft pick can add incredible pressure to a young player. It is a mark of a truly great player if they can use this anticipation to their advantage. If Wembanyama can block out the noise and hysteria that will undoubtedly follow his first few NBA games, we could see the beginning of a legacy if he can keep his cool.

Steph Curry wasn’t even in the top 5 draft picks, and he has proven himself as a multiple NBA winner, All-Star, and arguably the most esteemed three-point shooter the game has ever seen. In addition, he is currently one of the highest-paid athletes in America.

Even if you have the label as a great prospect, translating this into performances at the game’s highest level is another challenge. Only a few people doubt that he will be able to make this seamless transition, but the pressure is already tremendous, and he has yet to play a game. He has big shoes to fill, but all the early warning signs are promising.


Proving he can do it on the biggest stage and the biggest games will take time. A superstar isn’t born overnight. It involves collective pieces coming together.

Suppose Victor can combine his excellent work ethic, natural ability, marketability and mental strength. In that case, there’s no reason why he can’t transcend the sport and take the mantle from LeBron James as the face of the NBA.

LeBron James was the last NBA prospect to receive such overwhelming praise early in his career. He has since gone on to surpass the lofty expectations many set for him when he first exploded onto the scene two decades ago.

His physical demeanor of Victor will be enough to intimidate teams. His graceful presence and his eagle-like wingspan will terrify NBA teams. He can use his size to block shots effectively and give himself enough space to shoot without worrying about many players in the league having the height to block his shots.

One key thing that detractors have pointed out is that Victor has a fragile frame, but you would expect him to bulk into his frame, given that he is only 19, and his physical presence will only improve the older he gets.