Other Division I Postseason Tournaments

The college basketball postseason is dominated by the NCAA Tournament (a/k/a March Madness). Outside of the main event, there is also the NIT, the CBI and the CIT. However, there have been some other sanctioned D-I postseason tournaments over the years that we will outline below:

Vegas 16 // 2016

The Vegas 16 was a one-off postseason tournament held at Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was originally intended to feature 16 teams (as the name implies) but ultimately had just eight participants playing single-elimination over three days in March 2016. The event was not held in 2017 or in any other years since.

Year Champion / Head Coach Runner-Up / Head Coach
2016 Old Dominion Oakland
Jeff Jones Greg Kampe

National Commissioners Invitational Tournament (NCIT) // 1974-1975

Originally called the Collegiate Commissioners Association Tournament (CCAT), the NCIT was created by the NCAA in 1974 to be a direct competitor to the NIT (which was not controlled by the NCAA at that time). However, the event only last two seasons as it was no longer deemed necessary following expansion and rule changes with the NCAA Tournament. The two events each featured eight teams, the first was hosted in St. Louis, Missouri and the second in Louisville, Kentucky.

Year Champion / Head Coach Runner-Up / Head Coach
1974 Indiana USC
Bob Knight Bob Boyd
Drake Arizona
Bob Ortegel Fred Snowden


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