NBA Shooting Guards Ranking: Who Are the Best Shooting Guards in the NBA?

The shooting guard position has undoubtedly experienced better times in the past but still has loads of solid role players (some All-Star) but almost no undisputed superstars; All-NBA sorts. The days when Kobe Bryant and Dwyane Wade dominated the league are long gone. The diversity witnessed in today’s NBA leagues makes staking on NBA finals odds even more fun for basketball fans.

We’ve analyzed the best-performing teams in the NBA and rounded up this list of the top five shooting guards for 2022–2023.

Devin Booker (Phoenix)

If one were to only look at the raw numbers, Booker has been averaging between 25 and 26 points per game since the 2017 season, implying that he has plateaued over the past three seasons.

However, Booker’s 2021 campaign was his strongest season to date, proving the value of evaluating players using the eye test and sophisticated statistics. VORP and BPM clips show that Booker was fit enough to finish among the top 20 NBA players in the previous season.

Donovan Mitchell (Cleveland)

It might be challenging to predict a forthcoming season when a player is moving to a new team. With Donovan Mitchell, however, we’re convinced that he will continue to be his regular, explosive, bucket-getting self now that he is with the Cavaliers.

Mitchell, a three-time All-Star, can score from beyond the arc, midrange, or close to the basket with his feet set or off the dribble. In addition, Mitchell has a dynamic first step and outstanding leaping ability.

Jaylen Brown (Boston)

Due to claims that his playing style is identical to Jayson Tatum’s, Jaylen Brown has long had to consider his future with the Boston Celtic. He was reportedly offered to the Brooklyn Nets by Boston in a deal for Kevin Durant this offseason, casting further doubt on his value to the team. However, despite all of these concerns, his inclusion on this list is necessary because of his outstanding performance.

Zach LaVine (Chicago)

Zach LaVine led the Bulls to the NBA playoffs in 2021–2022, despite injuries and lacking backcourt support after Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso went down. LaVine displayed a minor reduction in productivity from the previous year but still had a terrific individual season. Even yet, LaVine had impressive numbers throughout the season.

Anthony Edwards (Minnesota)

Anthony Edwards, one of the most exciting and explosive young 2-guards the NBA has seen in a while, has the potential to climb to the top of this list at some point in the coming years. He is a gifted scorer, athletic, and well-established even after only two years of competition.

As a 20-year-old in just his second season on a playoff-bound club, Edwards averaged 21.3 points, 4.8 rebounds, and 3.8 assists while shooting 44.1 percent from the field and 35.7 percent from the field in 2021–22.


The NBA has its fair share of shooting guards, but acquiring the best of the best is detrimental to ensuring you win this season. Most players look good on the court, so analyzing their statistics and current physical performance is a great place to start. After that, it all boils down to the team’s coaching skills and drive to win.