James Usilton

James Usilton (1895-1939)

Teams coached: Temple Owls
Temple record: 204-79 (.721)
Overall record: 204-79 (.721)

Career Accomplishments:

Coaching Career (head coach, unless noted):

1926-1939 Temple

James Usilton Facts

  • James A. Usilton Sr.
  • Born June 10, 1895
  • Died March 13, 1939
  • Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Alma Mater: Temple University (BA, 1917)
  • A star athlete at Central HS in Philly. Usilton got his starting coaching at his alma mater
  • Later became the head coach at Temple, his other alma mater, and led the Owls for 13 seasons
    • Went 204-79 overall with a tenure that was almost entirely before the NCAA Tournament era began
    • He led his 1937-38 team to a 23-2 record, winning the EIC; the Owls were the first-ever NIT Champions
    • His team was crowned national champion by the Helms Foundation and retroactively by Premo-Porretta
  • The following season, Usilton began suffering from a heart condition and in November suffered through a serious bout of pneumonia; in March 1939, just days after the season ended, Usilton died in is home from a heart attack
    • Usilton, 43, was survived by his wife, Mary, and their four children (two sons and two daughters)
    • In 1973, Usilton was posthumously inducted into the Temple Athletic Hall of Fame

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