Ranking the Top Colleges with the Best Football and Basketball Team Combos

Every college is known to have either a football or basketball athletic program. At one point or the other, these colleges have engaged in competitions and have performed differently. Here we will highlight some colleges with outstanding performance from their football and men’s basketball programs.

We have considered factors such as consistency, titles won, and emphasis on major football and basketball accomplishments. In addition, this article will hopefully encourage aspiring world-class athletes to see the value in enrolling in colleges that will help them fulfill their potential. 

8 Colleges with Great Football and Men’s Basketball Programs

Football and basketball are two of the most popular sports worldwide. College athletes from around the world aspire to put their schools on the global map, but only a few have succeeded. Below are some of the schools with the best combination of football and basketball success.

The Ohio State University – Columbus, Ohio

The Ohio State University has secured the top place in our list of colleges with the best football teams due to her consistency over the years. The teams led by Ryan Day has records of impressive, consistent victories in football and basketball.

According to experts at who also love and follow sports, various teams and promising players, Ohio State University was the most outstanding United States collegiate athletic program in the 2014-15 seasons. In fact, the University also has records of victory in men’s wrestling for winning NCAA championships. It is also consistently ranked as a favorite and prides itself on its successes.

As their big game against Penn State approaches, bookmakers have placed their bets, favoring Ohio State with odds of +19. With such high odds in their favor, the anticipation for victory is palpable. Join the excitement and witness the prowess of Ohio State University as it continues to dominate the college sports arena.

Major Accomplishments

  • Football – 8 national championships, 39 Big Ten Titles, 10 undefeated seasons and 7 BCS/CFP appearances
  • Basketball – 10 Final Fours, 20 Big Ten titles and 31 NCAA appearances

Florida State University – Tallahassee, Florida

Florida State University is another college with a record of top victories in 14 different sports. The University’s women’s soccer team won the Seminoles NCAA championship, while the men’s team also recently emerged as the winner in the men’s outdoor track and field NCAA tournament. In addition, the college has invested $17 million to improve its basketball venue to motivate the team for a better performance. 

Major Accomplishments

  • Football – 3 national championships, 18 conference titles and 29 bowl victories
  • Basketball – 18 NCAA appearances, 1 Final Four and 5 conference titles

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Michigan, known as the Wolverines, ranks among the best colleges with a great athletic department. The Wolverines team is famous for securing top positions in national championship tournaments. It is not surprising that UM has produced well-known sports alumni like Tom Brady and Michael Phelps.

Major Accomplishment

  • Football – most wins in college football history, 11 national championships, 8 Rose Bowl victories and 44 conference titles
  • Basketball – 6 Final Fours, 15 Big Ten titles and 28 NCAA appearances

University of Oregon – Eugene, Oregon

The University of Oregon is famous for producing great men and women in the world of sports. The men’s and women’s teams have great victories in championships, NCAA titles, and several outdoor competitions. The teams are majorly recognized for consecutive winnings in both football and basketball tournaments.

Major Accomplishment

  • Football – 14 conference titles, 16 bowl victories and 6 BCS/CFP appearances
  • Basketball – 1 national championship, 17 NCAA appearances and 8 conference titles

University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona 

The University of Arizona ranks among the best basketball programs for its remarkable success in the NCAA Tournament. The University’s team, known as the Wildcats, has made a name for itself in national competitions, bagging numerous huge wins. Hence, the college boasts of great alumni who emerged from the Wildcats team, such as Rob Gronkowski (2-time Super Bowl champion) and Andre Iguodala (4-time NBA champion).

Major Accomplishment

  • Football – 6 conference titles, 9 bowl victories and 21 bowl appearances
  • Basketball – 1 national championship, 4 Final Fours, 33 NCAA appearances and 26 conference titles

University of Wisconsin 

Wisconsin University, also known as the Badgers team, has a strong foothold in football and basketball for its substantial track record of success for 15 years. Also, the teams’ outstanding and unrelenting performances in different major sports tournaments have helped sustain their legacy of continuous victories.

Major Accomplishment

  • Football – 19 bowl victories, 14 conference titles, and 13 10+ win seasons
  • Basketball – 1 national championship, 4 Final Fours, 20 Big Ten titles and 26 NCAA appearances

Louisiana State University – Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Louisiana State University is one of the colleges with good teams for its huge accomplishment in football competitions. Also, the school has consistently produced great athletes with significant NFL careers. Therefore, Louisiana has become one of the favorite colleges for potential athletes. Additionally, the school’s indoor and outdoor teams have won over 25 championship titles.

Major Accomplishment

  • Football – 4 national championships, 16 conference titles and 30 bowl victories
  • Basketball – 4 Final Fours, 11 conference titles and 24 NCAA appearances

University of Notre Dame 

The University of Notre Dame boasts of a fierce and strong football team that has an amazing success record. In addition, the women’s basketball team victories have made the college rank among the best colleges to play women’s basketball. Little surprise, Notre Dame has produced some great athletes such as Ruth Riley, Adrian Dantley, and Jeff Samardzija.

Major Accomplishment

  • Football – 11 national championships, 18 bowl victories and 3 BCS/CFP appearances
  • Basketball – 1 Final Four, 37 NCAA appearances and 1 ACC Tournament Championship